Class 4

Time Travellers

Time stops for no man – not even us!

This half term, we’ll meet people from different generations to find out what life was like in the past and we’ll predict how things might change in the future. Using real experiences and events from the past for inspiration, we’ll write autobiographies about our own lives and give an account of everything of interest that has happened so far. To help support our writing, we’ll create a timeline of our lives and add mood to our writing to help recreate these moments for the reader. Later in the term, we will write adventure stories about the fascinating subject of time travel and the rules that can change when writing a story in a non-chronological order.

By taking close-up photographs, we’ll be able to create our own Andy Warhol style prints and experiment to see how photographs can be changed and enhanced. We’ll also create clock artwork based on the style of Salvador Dali.

Our science work will focus on forces and explore motion, the concepts of pushing and pulling and how this affects our daily lives. In Maths, we will be exploring fractions and their relationship to decimals and percentages as well as consolidating our times table facts. We will investigate the past 200 years of our local town and economy and how this has changed from past to present and what changes might affect our futures.

Times Tables

This is a big focus this year, particularly with the Year 4’s having a times tables at the end of the year.
Below you can find some useful links to help practice at home:

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Online Practice Tests – Multiplication Check

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