Class 4


The title of this term’s Learning Journey is probably the most famous date in English history… we’re travelling back to 1066! The Normans have landed and we’ll be researching the effect this had on Britain and its society at the time. What changes did William enforce? What was the Doomsday book? Why was it made? We’ll discover what life was like as a Norman living in Britain. In English we will use our topic knowledge to help us write a playscript between a Norman official and a British subject as well as writing our own story based around the Norman period in Britain.

In Maths, we will be investigating relationship between addition and subtraction and looking at formal methods to problem solve some worded problems. We will also be focusing on building upon our times table knowledge and having a quicker recall of these necessary facts. In science this term, the children will investigate different materials, as well as exploring their properties and how materials can change into different states.

Times Tables

This is a big focus this year, particularly with the Year 4’s having a times tables at the end of the year.
Below you can find some useful links to help practice at home:

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Online Practice Tests – Multiplication Check

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