Class 4

Marvellous Mechanisms!

The title of this term’s Learning Journey is ‘Marvellous Mechanisms’. The learning journey will explore inventors, inventions, machines and how some simple mechanisms work. In English this term we will start by looking at sci-fi stories and looking at organising our ideas into paragraphs and building suspense into our writing can improve our stories in this genre. We will be reading the ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and investigate how strong descriptive language can help engage the reader and look to use this in our own writing. We will then move on to writing some instructional guides and providing useful information in a simple layout.

In Maths we will be exploring in depth around decimals and percentages and how they all link together. As well as focusing on building upon our times table knowledge and having a quicker recall of these necessary facts. In History we will be focusing on 20th century inventors and looking at their inventions and how they impacted Britain and society. Furthermore, we will be looking at the importance of a these inventions and eventually building our own mechanisms based upon these influential breakthroughs. In science this term, the children will investigate different materials, as well as exploring their properties and how materials can change into different states.

Marble run rollercoaster

Times Tables

This is a big focus this year, particularly with the Year 4’s having a times tables test next term!
Below you can find useful links to help practice:

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Online Practice Tests – Multiplication Check

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