Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

This term…

Our Learning Journey in Term 5 is titled ‘Marvellous Machines’.

In English we will start the term by finishing off our instruction writing from last term. We will move on to narrative writing with a focus on descriptive writing based on the book The Robot and the Blue Bird.

In Maths this term Year 2 will be completing work on fractions before revising what they have been learning throughout the year in preparation for their SATs. As for the Year 3s, they will be focusing on fractions and then moving on to time.

In DT, children will be exploring simple mechanisms to create and design moving pictures with the use of sliders and levers. In Geography this term, children will be learning about location, maps and the use of compasses. Here children will devise simple maps and construct basic keys, view and explore our school and local area from above and finally use atlases to name, locate and map our oceans and seas. Our Science focus this term is forces and magnets. Here the children will compare and group together a variety of every day materials based on if they are magnetic or not as well as make other scientific predictions and observations in the area.


The ‘Reading route’ will continue this term to encourage the children to read more often due to a
worrying lack of reading at home. Just a reminder that reading five times reading at home with an adult lets the children move to the next stage. Once a child reaches the finish line they will be rewarded with a prize. For your child to move up they will need to read at home with an adult and that adult will need to sign their reading record. Again, I cannot stress enough the importance and influence reading on a regular basis can have on a child’s development and learning. Lots of reading is vital and helps with learning in all areas of the curriculum. Reading certificates will continue to be given out and are given out each week to encourage the children to read at home. Thank you for your support in this area.


The children will continue receive a list of spellings on a Monday and they will be tested on these
on the Friday of that week. Please help your child in learning their spellings using the look, cover, write and check method. A spelling sheet is provided and then monitored on Fridays. Children who complete the spelling sheet are rewarded with dojos.

Beat the clock

Beat the clock will continue to take place on Fridays. Please encourage your child to practice their times tables at home where possible.

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