Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

This term…

Our first learning journey this year will be ‘Gods and Mortals’. This half term, we will learn about Zeus and the other gods who reign from Mount Olympus and write character descriptions of our favourite god or goddess. We will compare a range of myths, identifying text structure and language features so children can plan, write and tell their own mythical quest narratives. We’ll explore the land of Greece, where the sun scorches the wings of Icarus and Helen of Troy inspires the launch of a thousand ships. Using historical source materials, we’ll research daily life in ancient Greece. Children will also design and sculpt their own Greek pottery.

In Science this term, our learning will focus on Rocks. Children will compare a range of different rocks and make careful observations to group them. We will also investigate the importance or Mary Anning’s contribution to paleontology. Children will also learn how fossils are formed and use this learning to make fossils of our own.

In Maths, Year 2 will start the term by working with numbers to 100 and before moving on to addition and subtraction. Year 3’s focus will be on place value to 1000 and also followed by addition and subtraction


In Class 3 we have a ‘Reading route’ to encourage the children to read. This year the theme is a reading tree. Once a child has read five times at home with an adult, children will be moved on to the next stage of the tree. There is a total of six stages. Once a child reaches the finish line they will be rewarded with a prize. For your child to move up they will need to read at home with an adult and that adult will need to sign their reading record. This will be monitored on Fridays. A total amount will then be calculated and this total will be used to compete against the other classes to win Hamish the reading bear. If won by our class the bear can then come home with your child to hear them read at home. I cannot stress enough the importance and influence reading on a regular basis can have on a child’s development and learning. Lots of reading is vital and helps with learning in all areas of the curriculum. Reading certificates will continue to be given out and are given out each week to encourage the children to read at home. Thank you for your support in this area.


Children will receive a list of spellings every Monday and they will be tested on these spellings
on the Friday of that week. Please help your child in learning their spellings using the look, cover, write and check method. A spelling sheet is provided and then monitored on Fridays. Children who complete the spelling sheet are rewarded with dojos.

Beat the clock

Beat the clock will to take place on Fridays. This is a 10 min race against the clock where children will answer a range of times table questions. Children start on stage 1 and if they mange to correctly answer all questions and beat the clock they move on to the next stage. Please encourage your child to practice their times tables at home where possible.

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