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Class 3

Class 3           Year 2 and 3           Mr O'Beirne   

    Class 3            Year 2/3      Mr O’Beirne  



Dear Parent/ Carer,

What we will be doing and why we will be doing it

This term our Learning Journey will focus on the Victorians, and we will be linking our Literacy, Art and History to this theme.


In History the children will explore the life of Queen Victoria, exploring her achievements as Queen as well key moments in her life. Children will investigate her family tree whilst also creating their own family trees in the process. They will then research and identify key facts about Victoria and exploring the changes she made during her reign. This will lead to the children creating a fact file and timeline of her life.


This term, as part of our learning in Art, the children will learn about William Morris. Over the next six weeks we will be learning about the life and work of Morris, comparing him with other artists to become familiar with his style. Once the children have identified the style of William Morris we will then focus on the stained glass windows that he designed.  The children will be creating their own stained glass windows in the style of William Morris.

In Literacy we will begin by looking at historical stories. Our work this term will centre on the book Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson. Later will use will use our work in History to write an information text.

This term in maths we will be covering place value, addition and subtraction, properties of shapes and length and height.

Try this at home provides a number of games that can help support your child with learning their number facts. There are a number of sections that the children can access that will link to their current learning such as place value and addition and subtraction.



The children will receive a list of spellings on a Monday and they will be tested on these on the Friday of that week. Please help your child in learning their spellings using the look, cover, write and check method.  



Please try to read with your child regularly at home if you can. Lots of reading is vital in the support of the children’s learning and benefits all areas of the curriculum.



Literacy and Maths will be set on a Wednesday to be handed in the following Monday. Homework will be set for the first time this term on Wednesday 13th September.  I encourage the children to bring in any extra work that they may complete in their spare time, and I am more than happy take a look.


PE Days

Monday – Mrs Haynes

Friday- Mr O’Beirne